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Spiritual Emotional Wellness

Spiritual Emotional Wellness (SEW) is a model for understanding human behavior and motivation. SEW can also be defined as a way one can maintain spiritual homeostasis, a state of peace, for optimal well-being.

SEW teachings are rooted in Biblical scriptures and principles. Nonetheless, all persons are welcome. We encourage persons to focus on love as their principal guide and listen for truths that resonate with you.


Acknowledge our personal beliefs that influences behavior, determine moral conduct, decision making, and more.  Also can be defined by faith or religion.


Our humanity copes with the broad spectrum of duality: life-death, good-bad, happy-sad. We have complex emotions. Emotions are always present; however, we can manage how we care for ourselves in different emotional states.


Wellness is managing the spiritual and emotional. Finding balance, treating oneself well, caring for or correcting incorrect belief systems that do not serve one well, making choices that esteem oneself.

SEW Workshops (SEWW) will be hosted monthly. Click below to view upcoming meetings and register.

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